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I’ve had a blog on and off since maybe 2011 up until some time last year, I’d never had one that I was really happy with or posted to consistently, and I’d always struggled with the idea of promoting it in any way because I totally lacked the confidence to shout about it. I never had a real idea of why I was blogging or where I wanted to go with it, so in the end, it got pushed to the bottom of my priorities.

By taking some time away from thinking about blogging and also making a few changes in my life (which I’ll go on to talk about in a later post) I’ve been able to really think about if it is something I want to do and what I would want to achieve through blogging. I know a lot of bloggers don’t have the answers to all these questions in the beginning stages of blogging but for me, I need to know why I’m doing something and where I want it to go otherwise I basically feel like I’m wasting time.

I’ve gone back and forth about whether it’s something I want to invest time in over the past few months and I’ve even had a few dates in mind through 2017 that I was planning on starting blogging again – but getting the motivation to produce content and just generally get it together took a bit longer than I was anticipating. By March/April time I decided I needed to just commit one way or the other and make a decision.

Fast forward to now, I’ve spent I good amount of time in April researching and decision making, like the last minute decision to switch to WordPress as opposed blogger – definitely a decision I’m happy with so far but man did I over-complicate the whole process. Luckily I had Kotryna Bass on hand, who I bought my theme through, and she was able to point me to a few posts she made on the subject and it eventually worked out for the best (side note: she is amazingly helpful and makes amazing themes – I’d highly recommend her services).

Anyway, I’ve taken the time to plan and set goals, & really decided on what I want to focus on. I still have a lot of planning yet to do and I’m leaving myself space to grown and evolve within those plans & goals, but it’s given me more confidence in dedicating time to something that I feel could hopefully help and inspire others.

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Thanks for reading, and I can’t wait to share more soon.