New Night-time Favourite

This is probably the most expensive beauty product that I have ever bought myself. I usually end up shying away from spending money on makeup or beauty product because I feel guilty for spending the money on something that ends up empty, especially when it’s something I’ve never tried. There’s nothing worse than spending money on something only to use it and realise that it totally wasn’t worth the money… This was certainly not the case with this purchase.

Since it was my birthday last month, which is basically just an excuse to treat yo self, I was feeling a little braver about spending money. I was looking for something super hydrating for my skin since it was it was just a total mess – I usually have pretty dry skin anyway but it had been especially bad lately so I was willing to spend some cash… that’s when I stumbled into Kiehl’s. In reality, I know it’s not too high of a price but I’m used to spending less than £10 on a product, why spend extra money on something when you can get a product that does the same job for less – that’s just how my mumma raised me. So spending £32 on this Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil, vs £3 on some cleansing wipes, was a little out of my comfort zone – but in my Treat Yo Self birthday vibes, I decided my skin was worth it.

Lemme tell you – this was the best decision!

Taking my makeup off with this cleanser is literally my favourite part of my day. It smells absolutely amazing, feels so nice on my skin and takes my makeup off really quickly. I can’t even describe how nice it feels to just slather your face in oil each evening, it’s like a mini spa treatment every night. You only need around three pumps and just massage it into your skin. Then add a bit of water with your hands and massage some more to turn it into a cleansing milk, rinse off and pat dry. Super quick, super luxurious, super hydrating. And it takes off eye makeup really well too.

One of the ingredients I love about it is the Lavender Essential Oil which is what makes it smell so amazing. Plus the formula is soap-free, sulfate-free & mineral oil-free (which is all good news!).

I’m thinking of getting the Midnight Recovery Concentrate also which can be used as an overnight serum, mixed into hand cream or body cream, or even added to your bath… Your Bath!! I’m excited just thinking about it!

Have you tried either product? What were your thoughts?

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