Things I Need In My Summer Wardrobe


It’s reached that time of year where you can start realistically thinking about the piece that will make your summer wardrobe. It’s practically holiday season and that means Instagram is about to explode with beach shots and outfit photos in envy-worthy locations. If like me, you’ve seen this start to happen already – you’re probably already planning the pieces you want to add to your wardrobe this summer too.
Don’t get me wrong… as I’m sure my fellow Brits will know, this dream can all come crashing down when you look outside to see grey clouds despite the glorious sun you woke up to this morning. We accept the fact that it could all need to be traded in for jumpers and raincoats at any given moment… but for right now, let’s talk summer!

Things I Need In My Summer Wardrobe

So after I booked a short holiday to Spain this September (I like to get some last minute sun in there before we descend into winter gloom), I immediately headed over to Asos to continue the summer themed daydreaming. I may have saved quite a few bits to my wishlist and I started noticing a few patterns emerging. The are a few garment types that I am majorly lusting after this year so thought I’d share them with you here!

The Perfect Denim Jacket

I’ve already mentioned my love of denim jackets in my outfit post here, but let’s just touch on the subject again. If you live somewhere super warm then this may not be a summer piece at all. However, for summer evenings or the unpredictable British Summer weather, they are the perfect addition to almost any outfit. Luckily denim jackets seem to be absolutely everywhere this year so we’re totally spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the perfect one (or one’s) for you. Here are a few that caught my eye this week…



The absolute summer staple. What would summer be without the perfect pair of sunglasses? The accessory that not only elevates any summer look but is just as important for sun protection for your eyes as SPF is for your skin, that justifies buying at least two pairs a year, right?

So, all the swimwear pieces that have been catching my eye this year are sure to provide some pretty unique tan lines. But I love the extra details that make swimwear a fashion essential, as well as obviously being functional for spending time in the pool or the sea.



I’ve been wanting to purchase a pair of mules since probably February. They’re definitely a shoe that you can wear all year round but I’m adding them to my summer wishlist because I can see myself getting a lot of use out of them then!

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