Three Things I’ve Learnt in Three Months of Blogging. 

So I’ve been blogging for three months already. Except I haven’t really been blogging for three months because I only posted twice all July and twice all June. I didn’t really stick to the schedule I set out for myself in May either.. (oops)

So while I realize I’m hardly qualified to be providing tips on the subject, I’ve been doing some reflection lately and I thought it would be good to share. Plus, I kind of just needed to put this list together and write it down for me and if it helps anyone else that’s good too.

Three things I’ve Learnt in Three Months of Blogging.

  1. Re-evaluate. This could apply to any thing but for me, this is a reevaluation of the content I’m creating/not creating. I have a ton of posts that I’ve half written only to lose interest and move on. The more I look at them the more I realize that it’s the content that’s just not inspiring me that I always give up on. Sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in the post’s everybody else is writing and not thinking about what content you actually want to make. As soon as you refocus on what you love the creativity starts to flow.
  2. Write down ideas and make a plan.  I was listening to a podcast recently (TSC: Him & Her) that recommended that you shouldn’t start creating content unless you can write down at least 50 ideas. I thought this was such a good tip to make sure you remain consistent. Maybe to some, this might sound a bit extreme, but I think a massive list of ideas is exactly what I needed.
  3. Hold yourself accountable. I’m so guilty of setting out with the best intentions at the beginning of the day/week/month and genuinely believing I’m going to get stuff done and then just not doing it. As a new blogger, no one’s going to call me out if I miss a post, so it’s easy to think that skipping one is no big deal. Until that turns into another post and another post and then the next thing you know you’ve only posted twice all month… for two months running (no? Just me?). I realized just need to set aside the time. The only way to achieve anything or grow is to put the time in. I feel like this was so clear to me a few months ago, I needed to remind myself of this.

Reflecting on things is so important. Whether that’s blogging, work, fitness or any other area of your life.

So here’s to three more months of (hopefully slightly more consistent) blogging!

Do you have blogging tips to share?

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  • Blogging definitely teaches you a lot, and you constantly learn as you go on! I know that if I don’t specifically make time for blogging, I will end up not sticking to my schedule even though I really like creating content and working on the different aspects of my blog. To do lists are definitely a lifesaver and if I’ve written something down, I make sure I accomplish that too! Besides, the feeling of ticking tasks off from your list is just so rewarding! Hope you’ll enjoy the next three months (and more!) of blogging 🙂 xx

    • Jessica Francis

      Ticking off tasks is the best feeling 100%.
      Glad you can relate. I absolutely love blogging but is so easy to fall behind if you carve out the time – so I completely agree!

  • Blogging has really helped in instilling a lot of self discipline in myself. I really like TSC podcast, always full of sound advice. One thing I used to do and have just started doing again is scheduling posts in advance. I write my posts for the week mainly on Sundays so that I know I don’t have to worry about them.

    You’ve only been blogging for 3 months? You’re doing such a great job! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

    • Jessica Francis

      YES! I need to work on that self-discipline – scheduling post’s sounds so simple but I haven’t managed to hold myself to it yet. I’m working on it. I need to stick to a certain day to get it done – that’s great advice!
      Thank you so much, love. That means a lot!

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