Not Your Average Black Jeans. 

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Not-Your-Average Black Jeans

So, you may have seen this post where I share these lace-up jeans that I’ve been obsessed with wearing lately.

Lace up anything is having a bit of a moment. I definitely need more of this in my wardrobe it’s a trend that I’m really into right now. It adds so much interest to a garment.

I mean, black jeans are pretty generic. A staple in any wardrobe for sure, but hardly a talking point. But, as soon as you add the laces, it makes them so much more interesting and I’ve had comments every time I’ve worn them.

They’re a Topshop Jamie jean so I knew I was going to like how they fit. 100% the go-to jean for fitting curves, am I right? Please let me know if you own a pair and if you love them too.

Personally, I feel like I need more lace up details in my wardrobe you may have seen my first outfit post here where I shared a top with lace detail on the front. That’s  still one of my favourites at the moment but I definitely need to expand my wardrobe.

Back to the point…

These jeans are an absolute favourite of mine and I’m sure I’ll be wearing them to death over the next few months.

What are your thoughts on these Not-Your-Average Black Jeans? Are you a fan or is this a trend you’ll be skipping?

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