An Impromptu Chat About Confidence

I’ve felt a shift lately in my attitude and my confidence levels.

By no means am I completely cured of ever having any negative body image thoughts. Nor am I saying that there aren’t things I would potentially change given the chance, (but I doubt that many people could truly say the opposite). The thing that is different for me now though, is I don’t feel like those once seemingly huge things that used to make me extremely self-conscious aren’t the be all & end all anymore. And that’s brightened my attitude entirely.

If we’re getting really honest (& honestly, what would be the point in having this conversation if we didn’t) the biggest thing the held me back from blogging in the past were thoughts like “first, I’ll lose 20lbs – then I’ll start” or “I don’t want people I know to read it”.

I had blogs before that I was terrified to promote so literally nobody saw it. Plus, I wasn’t creating the content that I wanted to because I didn’t want to take photos of myself.

I was just getting in my own way.

Holding myself back because I was worried about other people’s opinions.

I won’t lie to you. Those thoughts were still in my mind when I re-launched See Wear Do. I just realised I needed to stop making excuses and go for it.

So I did.

I decided to do what I wanted to do for years before & actually let people see it.

While I didn’t have that much confidence at the time, the first step to gaining genuine confidence is to just start. It just takes making the decision to change your outlook and believing that you can do anything.

And I truly believe that was the best thing I could have done & the starting point to making my confidence grow. I stopped assuming everyone would be as harsh of a critic on my body & my opinions as I am. And also realised that even if they were why should I care?

I shouldn’t.

& I don’t. (for the most part… I am still human)


Confidence is not “they will like me”

Confidence is “I’ll be fine if they don’t'”


…it doesn’t happen completely overnight, though. I’ve still scrapped blog posts because I didn’t like how I looked, but I’m learning not to be so critical.

Accepting where you’re at & being content whether or not it’s in line with what your ‘ideals’ or goals are is the absolute biggest action you can take. It applies to so many areas in life. Practising self-love is invaluable.

Anyway, I don’t want to be rambly. I didn’t have much direction when I sat down to write this post, I just felt like chatting about the subject.

In part, I wrote this post to remind myself of how I’m seeing things right now for if/when this current wave of clarity comes to an end. But I hope it serves as a reminder or an epiphany moment for anyone reading this too.

Feel free to continue the conversation in the comments…


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