7 Ways I’m Making the Most of the Darker Evenings


Yesterday when I left work I was convinced it was the middle of the night. I knew the clocks had gone back but I don’t think I was prepared for how much shorter the day would seem.

Personally, as much as I look forward to the darker evenings (because obviously, that means Christmas) it’s hard not to feel like the day is over as soon as the sun goes down – I may or may not have a tried getting into bed at 8 o’clock because I was convinced it was practically midnight. While getting an early night is good for you now and then, it’s only going to get darker earlier and earlier so in order to actually accomplish anything between now and spring I need to except that the evenings are just going to be dark, but we can still get shit done.

So this post is coming to you this evening. Even though it’s dark and I feel like I should be in bed – I’m not.

Setting + Achieving Goals.

As I sit down to write this post it’s just dawned on me that tomorrow is November. How? How is tomorrow November? How are there only two more months left of this year? Two months is still enough time to achieve some shit though. Why wait until the new year when you can get started today?

Personally, I know I’m so guilty of putting things off because I don’t feel ready to start. I had considered extending my blogging break until the new year so that I could get myself more organized and stick to a schedule, but why wait? I’ve decided on a schedule and I’m sticking to it now, it may not be the most intense schedule but it’s a start and it’s progress. (& if you missed my last post the schedule I’ve settled on is every Tuesday so make sure you check back weekly)


These long evenings are perfect for putting your time to good use and creating something. When it’s dark and cold and you don’t want to leave your house take advantage of this time. For me, this links to the goals that I set for the rest of the year but it could also be totally unrelated. Make online content, bake, paint, dance… Whatever your passion might be – just create.

Hit The Gym.

People often talk about how their exercise routine goes out the window in the colder months. For me, I’d say it’s the opposite. When the sun is still shining, & the weather is warm, & there are two-for-one cocktails calling my name, I can promise you the gym is going to take a back seat. But in the winter months, there are less alternative offers pulling me away so I can make my workouts a little more regular. And you know what they say… “Summer bodies are made in the winter” (well, in reality, summer bodies are made when you have a body and it’s summer because #fuckyobeautystandards. But that’s a conversation for another post).

Create a Calming Environment.

I keep seeing the word ‘Hygge’ dotted around the internet (which I’m told is pronounced hoo-gah?). No I’m no expert on the subject so I won’t get into it too much but to my understanding, the Danish concept is about creating a feeling of cosiness. Whether that be with candles, blankets, fairy lights, hot drinks or all of the above. But as well, to also be really appreciative your environment and the people around you. Be present – maybe even take a bit of time away from your many, many screens.

Perfect Your Pamper Routine.

I’ve written before about feeling guilty about taking time to treat myself. I think I like I’m sure many others, have somehow developed the notion that I need to have done something worthy of that treat before I can have it. Well, screw that. Just exiting is good enough reason. What better excuse to take the time to pamper myself than these long evenings? After the winter weather and the heating inside have stolen whatever moisture you may have managed to get into your skin in the morning, an extended pamper routine is the perfect solution.


Now, I know that the point was to not hibernate the whole winter away but sleep is still really important. Personally, I’m not the type to ever skimp on sleep, but it’s still worth a mention because I need all the beauty sleep I can get.


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