How I’m Redefining My Style in 2018.

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First things, first…

Happy New Year! A little late, I know.

Things got a little quiet (ok – silent) toward the end of 2017. I felt a total shift in my mindset and perception of my body toward the end of last year, which was great, but it kind of threw me off course. I was hit with such a wave of body positivity after realising how much I postpone thing in life because of my weight/size/body shape & deciding it was time to consciously break out of that cycle.

For the first time, I felt comfortable sharing holiday shots on my Instagram (bikini & all) and have had great feedback about how I’ve helped raise other people’s confidence too. Which made me think.. does that mean I’m a body positivity blogger now? Is that my niche? Should that be the only posts I should be creating? I mean, it’s definitely something I want to be an underlying theme through all I do, but I do have other things to say too. There’s so much talk about finding a niche and focusing on a specific audience, so maybe this is mine?

But of course, this led me to overthink the whole thing and I fell in a bit of a creative rut. Now that spring is on its way (even if it doesn’t look like it right now) I’m ready to power through & start creating content again. Without so much pressure but with determination – it’s all about balance in 2018.

So, I decided I needed to start things back up with a new blog design to get the content flowing again. In 2017 I did a lot of “like, realising stuff”, so by the time the new year rolled around I felt like I’d outgrown my old blog design. I really want to work on creating content that I’m super proud of this year and wanted a design that could adapt to that. So I spent some time procrastinating and then started working on finding & tweaking a new design. I want my blog’s aesthetic to reflect my own. Which got me thinking…

How would I describe my style?

It’s a question that was on my mind a lot last year while pulling myself out of the style rut that I’d fallen into but I’m not sure I ever really answered it.

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[one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″]Getting to a point of feeling comfortable with the shape of my body signified a real turning point for me.

We’re so often taught about dressing for your body shape – which can be great. I’m all about getting some tips to accentuate my best features. But at the same time, it can be restrictive and full of messages that don’t exactly promote the healthiest ideas about body image.

With so many of the images that we’re constantly bombarded with filled with examples of women with not-so-attainable body types. It would be silly to doubt that this has an impact on how we feel we should look. And while these women are beautiful there are so many other gorgeous women on this planet that don’t fit that mould.

It’s hard when we’re so often only shown one type of body. It leads to feeling like “She looks great… But I could never wear that.” or “Her bod is amazing, I wish my stomach/arms/legs/bum was smaller” ok, I kid – I’ve never wished my bum was smaller, but it works both ways, the times I’ve heard friends envy girls with bigger boobs/butts etc is unreal.

It gets to a point of knowing what you like, but feeling like you can’t wear it. (Not to mention knowing what you want to buy but not having the budget to cover it – but that’s a whole nother blog post.)

Which brings me back to feeling comfortable with my shape. Understanding that while there may still be things that, if I had a magic wand, would take a lot of restraint not to just wish them away – there are also a lot of aspects of my body that I have learned to love. And there are a lot of outfits that I look banging in that I would have been far too self-conscious to wear before.

So, fast-track to now. After all these revelations I’m out of that style rut, passed all the doubt of who I should be/how I should dress. Now it’s time for answers… [/one_half]

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How I’m Redefining My Style in 2018.

Getting Inspired

The thing that had the biggest impact on getting re-inspired and finding my style was diversifying my Instagram feed. Instagram’s algorithm (I know, don’t get me started) shows you content based on what you usually like. So if your sick of seeing the same shit – get out there and find that shit you do like. From body types to ethnicity the more variation the better. It helps to remind me that there’s not just one version of beautiful and you can pull inspiration from a mix of it all.

Gathering Inspiration

Lately, the save feature on Instagram has become my best friend. For outfit inspo, interesting photo angles, poses to switch things up. It’s so easy to see something that inspires you and forget about it by the time you need it. Whether your pulling pages from a magazine, creating a Pinterest board or creating an inspiration album of saved images on your phone – it’s great having that inspiration to go back to. I may have even taken a sneaky snap when I’ve seen a girl whose style I’d love to steal… a girl’s gotta do, what a girl’s gotta do.

Wardrobe Assessing

Now, at the start of the year, I had a clear out, asking… Am I going to wear this? Does this even fit? Have I worn this to death? I haven’t worn this cardigan in 4 years, am I really going to start now? I’m not kidding, and the answer is clearly no. And after I was done, honestly, it was abysmal. I didn’t have the biggest wardrobe to begin with, but after taking out the pieces that I wasn’t even using it was pretty clear why I was feeling uninspired. On the plus side, I did find a few hidden gems in there too & now that I know exactly what I’m working with, I know what I’m missing too.[/one_half_last]

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Stocking Up on New Clothes

Ok, so here’s where I’m at right now. I’ve got my inspiration, I know what my wardrobe is missing – now for the FUN PART. Let’s go Shopping! So although I’d love to go treating myself to a whole new wardrobe right now, my bank balance really isn’t willing to cooperate. So I’ve set myself an allowance to build things up each month and keep it fresh. Sales help – a LOT. Last month I managed to get quite a few new pieced by browsing the January Sales. Online of course, because who has time for that madness IRL. But also only picking up things that I know are going to benefit my wardrobe long term, not just a few-week-long fling before falling to the bottom of the wardrobe, forgotten forever. C’mon, you know you’re guilty of it too.

Getting Creative

Now for what is probably my favourite step. Creating outfits. Having fun and putting together outfits based on what you like and what you think looks good on your body. Find your staples – go to’s that you know you’ll feel good in. Adding in accessories, statement pieces. Not getting too repetitive and having fun with it. Even if you’re not going anywhere thinking up outfits and finding combinations that work means you have instant looks to go back to when you need them.

One of the main goals I have this year is to keep things interesting. I’ll be sharing a lot of outfits on my blog and Instagram to keep me accountable. Soon, I might even be sharing on another platform too, but more on that later.

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