The Spring Trends Catching my Eye This Month.

I was planning on sharing this post a few weeks back but the weather in the UK has just not been playing ball. I mean, snow – in March. Twice. Myself, I’m definitely not into it. To be fair, I think it’s pretty safe to say most of us are 100% over winter. I’m hoping that it’s safe now to start thinking ahead to what spring trends I can add to my wardrobe this season.

Because it’s about damn time.

The Spring Trends Catching my Eye.

So, I mentioned in my last post that, after a much needed clear out, I would be trying to pick up a few new items every month to help build a wardrobe that is actually representative of my style (you can read my full list of how I’m achieving this here). I have to say, this has to be one of the best goals I’ve ever set for myself. I’m killing it so far. I have successfully bought clothes every month, and I have a list as long as my arm of more things to buy. If only all goals were this enjoyable to achieve.

It doesn’t come without putting in some work though, so I’ve taken the time to do the hard part for you. I’ve put together a compilation of the spring trends that will be definitely be making their way into my cart over the next few months. And maybe they’ll end up in yours too. You can thank me later – even if your bank balance doesn’t.

White Boots

Let’s be somewhat realistic. Despite boots being more of an autumn/winter shoe, even if we’ve had the last of the snow – and I PRAY we’ve had the last of the snow – British springtime is still going to be boot appropriate. White boots definitely give off more of a spring vibe + I’ve been really into them lately so I’m hoping I’ll get my hands on a pair soon.


I actually ordered a gorgeous set from Pretty Little Thing earlier this month. I honestly love it on + am torn between showing it off on social media or saving its debut for an event. But that aside, I’ll 100% be picking up some more co-ords soon. I know they’ve been a trend for a while now but it’s definitely here to stay through spring/summer too. Which, personally, I’m thrilled about. While there are tons of co-ord styles out there, for the purpose of this post I’m shining the spotlight on suit sets


I remember this being a trend that I was really into a few years ago. I’ve actually had a transparent clutch hidden away in my wardrobe for years now. But the trend is definitely back, stronger than ever. We’ve already seen clear shoes in 2017 – I’m still not sure on those though. This spring we’re also seeing more clear bags, clear belts + clear jackets. These I can say I’m totally here for.


You might have seen this Instagram post, where I wore a cross body bag around my waist for bumbag kind of vibe. I’ve been wanting to pick up an actual bumbag (or fanny pack, as they’re called in the US) for a while now, so one of the below is definitely likely to make its way into my cart in the very near future.

Cat-eye Sunnies

I go mad for sunglasses every spring if I’m honest. It’s the quickest way to start feeling like summer’s on its way. This year I’m obsessing over this style and I keep seeing them EVERYWHERE so clearly I’m not the only one. I’ve already shared the pair I bought recently in my last post, but I’m sure to pick up a few more pairs before spring is over… even if we do only get 3 days of sun a year.

Dad Sneakers

Is that what we’re referring to them as? I don’t know. I’ve also heard them called ugly trainers, which is a fairly accurate name also. Either way, people are into them. Myself included. They’re casual, they’re kind of nostalgic + they look hella comfy. Which I’m all about.

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