Body Confident Mega Babes That You Need to Follow.

In my last post, I shared 3 realisations that will make you feel body confident AF. One of which being how important it is to surround yourself with positivity. Since hitting publish several people have reached out on social media to share how much they appreciated the post, so… I thought I would follow it up with a quick round-up of some of the most body confident mega babes that you need to follow.

So (apparently) summer is just around the corner, therefore, it’s the perfect time for a reminder that everybody is beach ready. Regardless of what you may have trained yourself to believe previously, I can tell you with 100% confidence that you are gorgeous as you are. If you’re having trouble believing me, maybe hearing it from these amazing women will help you see it’s true.

But before we get into it, while I’m not quite conceited enough to put myself on this list, it goes without saying that if you aren’t already then you should probably follow me on Instagram too.

Body Confident Mega Babes That You Need to Follow.

In a sea of images portraying unrealistically perfect models and over-filtered selfies, we could all do with a bit more REAL on our Instagram feed. Luckily, there are a ton of amazing women that fill that need. Posting photos that proudly display their so-called “flaws” and challenge the current beauty standards in a big way.

To get you started, or maybe add to your current selection of mega babes, here are just a few Instagram pages you’re gonna wanna follow…








Thanks for the love today, @womenshealthuk! #SAGGYBOOBSMATTER

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Dear superwoman, I’d be scared of you too if I wasn’t you.

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Somebody caught creepin’ 👀 👙@si_swimsuit @swimspot #swimspot

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Workouts start Monday, get ready 💪🏽 @prettylittlething

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🌞🌸 Just a pastel flowerchild blooming in the sunlight 🌸🌞

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I’m sure you’ll find these girls as inspirational as I do. Diversifying your Instagram feed may seem like a small change but it’s honestly been the thing that has made the biggest difference in my life over the past year. A little bit of variety will go a long way toward breaking down the unrealistic beauty standards that we often feel held to.

I’d love to hear your recommendations on who to follow too. Let me know in the comments


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