Body Confidence on Social Media.

My journey with body confidence really started in September 2017. What I thought was a somewhat inexplicable change in my thoughts toward my body, I recently realised all came when a certain account followed me on Instagram in late August. At the time, they primarily re-gramed plus size style inspiration and, initially, I was offended. I was around a size 14 – or at least buying a 14 whether it was a comfortable fit or not. I was also trying to lose weight for my upcoming holiday at the time (and not having much success) and this felt like a massive blow. To me, this account following me was like it was calling me out for being fat.

Honestly, it’s so dumb when I look back on it.

Luckily, curisouity got the better of me. As I started looking through the page I felt overwhelmed with how incredible these girls looked. Many of them had similar bodies to mine. Some bigger, some smaller, but all incredibly stylish and just generally gorgeous.

Despite it initially hitting an insecurity, I followed the page back and several of the girls that they had re-gramed too. That was pretty much the moment I stopped obsessing over my weight.

My holiday was still just around the corner. Instead of wasting money and emotional energy buying clothes in a size small and trying to slim into them, I bought a few new pieces in a size 16. They arrived, fit like a dream and I felt incredible in them. Buying clothes in a size up, or just not buying clothes that were too small all because I was insecure about the number on the label, was like a revelation. It totally boosted my confidence. It made me feel empowered and I started to look forward to my holiday instead of feeling stressed.

(I felt so good in fact, that when my holiday came around I posted several bikini pics and the rest of my outfits too.)

You see, Social Media gets such a bad wrap when it comes to tearing down confidence. Don’t get me wrong it totally can if you allow it to, but it’s actually where body confidence started for me.

Following these three tips is what allows me to feel empowered by social media:

Social Media Tips

  1. Follow the right people. If you feed is full of skinny teas and hair gummy’s it might be time to switch it up. Find people you relate to. Follow people that make you happy when you scroll past their latest post.
  2. Be Social. It’s the bit we’re all lacking when it comes to SOCIAL media. Interacting with people makes Instagram so much more enjoyable than mindlessly scrolling.
  3. Remember it’s not real. Instagram is curated AF and that’s fine. As long as you remember that there’s a lot more in everyone’s life than the images on their instagram. Faced with the new bag I bought or the mounting pile of dishes in my sink, we know which of the two isn’t making it to my feed.

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