New year…

It’s the New Year! So naturally, we’re being bombarded with a ton of weight loss adverts. Whether they’re telling us to join a gym, sign up to some club or buy an app. The overall gist seems to be ‘spend your money on losing the extra few pounds you gained from the indulgent crap we were encouraged to buy last month’.

Whether it’s on tv or on the internet, it’s the time of year that we see picture after picture, post after post about weight loss. Telling us to start that ‘new year, new you’ journey. Encouraging us to focus on our perceived flaws and fix them. How many people set the New Years resolutions that they feel obligated to set just for a few months, weeks or even days into the year find themselves feeling like they’ve failed and are wanting a do-over.

Don’t get me wrong, New Year’s resolutions can be a great way of making the most of the next year. A chance to set some plans in motion, get that burst of motivation you need. But, if we’re not careful, instead they can be super detrimental to your happiness. Unrealistic goals leave us with guaranteed disappointment + vowing to do things that are really not going to bring you any joy gets you no where ar all.

This year I want to set resolutions that will bring me joy. No, unfortunately, I’m not telling you my New Year’s resolution is to eat exclusively pizza – although that doesn’t sound like that bad of an idea come to think of it.Instead I want to set resolutions that stem from a place of self-love, not criticism. That are encouraging, not restricting.

With that in mind, I’ve set three priorities for the new year. the things that I want MORE of in 2019

More self-care

More than just baths and facemasks, I’m talking serious self-care. Real self-care is something that is different for each person. My version could look totally different from yours. For me, this year self-care will mean prioritising do the things that make me happy, taking time to breathe, and moving more.

Be more organised

I always love the idea of being organised. I start making in an effort to be but tend to fall short when it comes to following through. I’ve decided 2019 will be different (ugh – such a cliche but bear with me). I want to get more organised not just with my time but with my home too. I always feel way more comfortable and creative in a clutter-free space, but tidying up + doing laundry are my most hated tasks. So 2019 I will be powering through and tidying even when I don’t want to. I’ve already made a start with creating this habit and already the benefits are making me want to see it through.

Create more content

This is where my previous two resolutions combine. Taking time to do things that make me happy and organising my time. I want to focus less on what I should be doing and more on what I want to do. And then DO IT. The number of ideas I jot down but don’t get round to acting on is unreal.

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