This Spring I’m Looking Forward to…

spring dress

I think spring is actually my favourite season. Maybe because I’ve always been quick to embrace change and the changes that take place at spring are my favourite kind. Maybe it’s just because the combination of Easter and my birthday gives me the excuse to eat a downright excessive amount of chocolate. Whatever it is, Spring puts me in a good mood, at the weather lately has been very Spring-esque (which has been both lovely and terrifying – our planet is broken!)

This Spring I’m Looking Forward to…

1. Understanding my Personal Style.

It’s natural for your personal style to evolve. Sometimes you’ll find that there are core principals that you’ll never stray from. Sometimes you’ll find that your whole style philosophy needs a full revamp. Who knows where life will take you?

I feel like I’ve spent a little while now rediscovering what the key components of my style are, questioning some of my style rules – do they stem from actual preference or allowing insecurities to dictate what I will and won’t wear. Often I’ve found that it is a genuine preference. I’ve experimented, given things a fair shot and decided Nope, it’s not for me! More on this later this month, but for now I’m excited to experiment with styling outfits with my style in mind.

2. Turning twenty-five

It’s official, my early twenties are over about to be over. I’m well and truly in my mid-twenties. How exactly I’m going to celebrate is still up in the air. Honestly, I’m not sure if I want to go abroad, take a little staycation or just save money by not going away at all. All I know is I’ve booked some time off work and I’m looking forward to taking some time to relax + spend quality time with my love, wherever we end up.

3. Stepping out in a lighter colour palette

My love for an all-black look will never die, that’s a given. Black has always been my go-to but now that I’m a fully fledged adult, I think I might have mastered the art of not spilling food/totally missing my mouth enough to switch things up.

*Real talk for a moment: does anyone else find lighter colour clothes are just like a magnet for food? Just me? I don’t know.

I’ve found myself really leaning toward creams and nudes lately (as you may have noticed from my last post). Having gained a better understanding of my style lately I know there is definitely room to expand the selection of lighter tones in my wardrobe. Blacks and greys will still have a large part to play in my styling but experimenting in other neutral tones is on the agenda this spring. That in mind, if you spot me in the streets rocking a cream tee featuring a sizable coffee stain, just know I tried my best OK!

4. Blogging more

I know, I know. I have no reason to expect you to believe me. I’ve said it so many times and made so many half attempts to get my consistency up, that sometimes I don’t even believe myself. Instagram has really taken the front seat for many blogger/influencer types and I know many former bloggers have abandoned their blog altogether. There’s a lot of debate over whether blogs still have a place since you can share content in so many ways now. But I personally feel like this is the one-stop hub where everything comes together. Content I share on Instagram, YouTube… whatever you’re looking for it can all be found from here. So despite not know exactly how it will all pan out long term, right now I know I still have a lot of love for sharing things via my blog. So stay tuned.

What are you looking forward to this spring?

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