2020 Style Resolutions

2020 Style Resolutions

Happy New Year!

Is it still ok to say that in February? Probably not, but in the context of today’s post, we’ll let it slide.

Despite all the memes doing the rounds about how long January was, and I’ll admit – payday could definitely have come around sooner, I still can’t believe we’re already a month into 2020! It’s a cliche to say but it’s true.

For me, 2019 was wonderful in so many ways. I won’t get into the details but there were goals met, a few welcome surprises and a lot of growth. 2020 is off to a great start too, I’ll be starting a new job soon and I’ve already made some amazing memories in January alone.

I can also reflect on areas where things could improve, be it goals forgotten or potential unmet. 2019 had some lessons to teach. That doesn’t mean beating myself up over it though. It only gives me hope for this next year so we can really take things to the next level.

2020 Style Resolutions

Over the years the word “resolutions” has kinda gained a bad rep. The classic cliche of failing at all of your New Year’s Resolutions by mid-January, if not forgetting about it entirely, springs to mind at the mere mention.

These days the idea of a New Years Resolution has been ditched by many and replaced with kinder or more objective options.

Intention setting is a personal fave. Goal setting: essential.

And while I could get into a whole array of goals and intentions with you I want to get a little specific and talk to you about my style resolutions.

Curate an Edited Wardrobe

Is there anything worse than that feeling of having nothing to wear? It’s a universal experience I’m sure. Despite how much my wardrobe is overflowing, it’s a feeling that returns every time I decide to take photos or plan to go out for drinks – basically, any situation that involves getting dressed. Now, just because it’s one of the most common style problems does that mean it’s totally unavoidable?

I’d like to think not and this is my plan to make sure I’m never in that situation again.

Get organised

I used to be on top of my wardrobe organisation. Categorised, colour coded, ascending sleeve length – the lot. It was a bit much to keep up with and impossible for anyone but myself to return an item without specific directions. Eventually, the organisation became more and more relaxed until we’ve reached the point that it doesn’t really exist at all.

I know there are items in there that I don’t wear. There are likely a few items that I could be wearing if I remembered they existed. So my first task is to tackle the mess that is my wardrobe.

Mammoth wardrobe reorganisation vid pending!

Get re-inspired

Of course, I’ll probably be looking to Instagram as a key source of inspiration. But I’m not just talking double-tapping as I scroll by. I want to really pay attention to what I’m seeing, online and in the ‘real world’.

What do I like about a look? Do I have something similar? Is there a pattern to the things that are interesting to me that could be highlighting something that’s missing from my wardrobe? Which leads me to…

Get specific

Rather than just scrolling through Asos out of boredom and adding any random item that catches my eye to cart, I want to be more specific and intentional with my spending.

The number one piece of advice I would give to someone that wanted to elevate their style is to think about accessories. Recently, I realised I’m not following my own advice. From statement shoes to investment jewellery, my wardrobe is severely lacking. This year I’ll be focusing on correcting that.

By knowing what I love and knowing what’s in my wardrobe (see: Get Inspired + Get Organised above) I’ll be able to make smarter purchases and build a wardrobe that actually keeps me excited about styling outfits!

Check out my style goals from last year for more inspo and let me know your style goals or resolutions this year!

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