Hello, & thank you for visiting my blog. I’m Jessica a twenty-three year old blogger based in the UK.

I recently made the decision to start focusing on myself more. My goals, my health, my skincare – basically just overall get my sh*t together. Figuring what is important to me was a big part of that so I can invest more time into things that will make me feel great overall.

That’s where this blog comes in. I created See Wear Do to share my experiences & tips during my journey through self care. Whether that be the best products to put on your body, the outfits that will make you feel great, or making time for your goals and happiness.

You can expect to find content on style, beauty wellness and travel. I want to share what helps me through this journey and what doesn’t, share my advise and get yours too. It’s all a journey and a bit of trial and error but that’s the whole point.

If you’d like connect then feel free to contact me, and definitely find me on all the usual socials.